2014 KTM 300XC
400ft, 38F38N3EH31687.0PWK 36
400ft, 50F38N3EW31687.0PWK 36Rich, spooge
400ft, 65F38NECJ31627.0PWK 36wants to rev more easily. still spooge
400ft, 65F38NECJ21627.0PWK 36testing. may try 38 N3CH3 165

2013 KTM 250SX
100ft, 40F-70F42NEDJ31686.5PWK 36
100ft, 40F-70F42NECJ21606.5PWK 36not tested
100ft, 40F-70F40NEDJ31706.5PWK 36->38oval bore

2011 KTM 200CXC-W
Wildcat Head Mod, PC Platinum 2/304, Oval Bore carb
400ft, 38F40NEDH31757.0PWK 36initial start
200ft, 60F-80F40NEDH31857.0PWK 36->39oval bore,
slight spooge at the end of day,
lots of off-throttle pipe bang
200ft, 60F-80F40N3EH31857.0PWK 36->39Much crisper.
200ft, 60F-80F40N3CH31857.0PWK 36->39Better than N3EH
200ft, 60F-80F42NECG31787.0PWK 36->39nice
300ft, 87F42NEDH41727.0PWK 36->39Cylinder work completed.
No roughness anywhere.
Even with a very slow roll on, never sputtered, 4 stroked, or surged.
Smoothest running bike I've ever ridden.
300ft, 87F42NEDG41727.0PWK 36->39More powerful feeling, some 4-stroking at low throttle (around 1/8)
In 6th WOT from 30 mph, when it hits about 55 mph, begins pulling HARD.
Got to 78 fast but could have gone faster if more straight road were available.
300ft, 87F42NEDG41757.0PWK 36->39Seemed less powerful about 1/2 throttle.
Lots of 4-stroking and rich roughness from closed through around 1/2 throttle.
Max speed about 78.
No strong pull at 55 mph WOT.
Surprising to me, it sounded better but measured worse for top speed and butt dyno.
300ft, 87F42NEDG41727.0PWK 36->39 Went back to previous settings for a reality check. Still strong 55 - 80 mph pull.
Still has a little roughness around 1/8.
300ft, 50F45NEDG41757.0PWK 36->39 expecting colder weather. The pilot is too large.
Nice brown plug, wet exhaust tip
300ft, 45F42NEDG41787.0PWK 36->39 little crisper on low end. May have lost some grunt. Hoping for more on top.
Needs ride time to evaluate
300ft, 45F42N3CG31787.0PWK 36->39 Fatty, Much more low end. Lost some top speed
tried mains from 185 down
300ft, 75F40N3CG41787.0PWK 36->39 Good
300ft, 45F40NEDG41727.0PWK 36->39 Winter Jetting
300ft, 85F40NEDH41727.0PWK 36->39 Summer Jetting
300ft, 70F42NEDH41787.0PWK 36->39 clip #5 too rich, 178 MJ for high speed

2006 KTM 300XC-W
Cycle Playground Head Mod, FMF Fatty/TC2
100ft, 40F-70F35N3CH31657.0PWK 36
350ft, 40F-70F35N3CH31687.0PWK 36
350ft, 70F38N3CH21687.0PWK 36much more power down low
350ft, 85F40N3CH21687.0PWK 36Got ride of some pipe banging,
still surging and lean at 1/4
350ft, 85F40N3CH31687.0PWK 36Got ride of 1/4 throttle lean
350ft, 45F40N3CH41687.0PWK 36Got ride of cold nature

2008 KTM 200 XC-W
500ft, 40F-70F38blue31757.0PWK 36set and forget

2000 KTM 200EXC
100ft, 40F-70F40DDL31856.0PWK 38too lean???
100ft, 40F-70F40DDL11806.0PWK 38

2000 KTM 200MXC
50ft, 80F40N3EH21806.0?PWK 39rich rough at 1/4

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